Have you been feeling spiritually weak lately? If you are at a season in your life where you’re experiencing spiritual weakness, spiritual fatigue, or even spiritual sickness, there is a prescription for you!

D.R.U.G.S. Decrees Relating Unto God’s Standard by A.L. Cohen will raise a standard in your life. Upon reading, you will discover several prescriptions:

  • The prescription for living an abundant life.
  • The prescription for having a sound mind.
  • The prescription for walking in the love of God, peace of God, joy of God, and wisdom of God.

These D.R.U.G.S. will give you the daily prescription necessary to recover from a life of spiritual defeat and help restore your soul. The correlation between secular drugs and God’s prescriptures will astound you. There is an abundance waiting for you upon reading this book! 



Are you feeling weak? Are you feeling sickly? Are you feeling sleepy all the time?

 This book entitled, “D.R.U.G.S” (Decrees Relating Unto Gods Standard) is designed to expose a major epidemic that has impacted and influenced this world system. You will discover how effective and lucrative the drug industry in America has become. In this book, we will take the same principles that have been utilized in the drug industry to show the effectiveness on an individual’s life who dares to receive and to take God at His Word. There will be many comparisons made from the secular use of drugs to the spiritual use of God’s Word.

This book will help you examine the heart and soul of man to determine the issues that we face that keep up from walking in the Word of God and working out that which God has purposed for us as believers. 

This book will serve as a portable clinic which is merely a class in which patients are examined and discussed. You will find helpful tools in this book that can give you insight into who you are in Christ and what you need to do to become more like Him. 


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