Meet The Servants

Just His Word Ministries is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit that aims to building the Kingdom of God beyond the four walls of a church. We believe that if we are going to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus, then we are going to have to assume responsibility for our growth in God. Phillippians 2:12 states that we have to work out our own soul salvation. Through weekly teaching, devotions, and constant prayer, we are building the Kingdom of God one believer at a time!

Pastor A.L. Cohen

Al Cohen is an ordained Minister, called by God to minister and teach weekly under the anointing of the Holy Ghost across the United States through his Prophetic Office. Although Al Cohen had once pastor a local church, he has now been released in the Body of Christ at large under his Prophetic anointing and his revelatory bible teaching. Al Cohen deals with the move of God as it relates to the mind and heart of God dealing with situations and conditions that individuals may be facing as well as the world. Al Cohen is known for his prophetic insight of the time and seasons of the kingdom of God that is manifested in the earth realm through God’s body, which is the church. Through his teaching, he places a strong emphasis on the church functioning as the Body of Christ where every joint supplies. He is married to Janet Cohen in which they share two beautiful girls, Sabella (3) and Mila (2) 

Janet Cohen

Janet is a native from Las Vegas, Nevada. During her College years she received a sign by God through the Holy Spirit in which she gave her life to Christ. Since then she has been a walking example of what God will do to whom He calls. Her zeal, hunger and desire to know God and see God move in her life personally and corporately make her a perfect example that God will use whom He chooses for His glory! She teaches women on understanding their roles in a society that has increasingly under-minded the very intentions and structure of God concerning the role of a women whether it be as a help mate, mother, or just a woman of integrity. She is married to Prophet A.L. Cohen in which they have two beautiful girls! Married to a Prophet of God, she too operates and flows in the prophetic




LaTressa Lane 

LaTressa is a native from New Jersey. She is a prayer warrior and an intercessor used by God to build His Kingdom. Her desire to always put God first allows her to stay focused on what God is saying. She teaches on the importance of understanding the move of God and how to flow with the Spirit!


*If you are hungry for God and want to help build His Kingdom beyond the four walls please send us an email. We will train and equip you to do the work of the Lord for His glory!